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The On-Call Hub platform is the most user-friendly and efficient system we have used. It allowed us to shave minutes off our triage time/documentation process on each call. It was extremely easy to train our co-workers on the platform, most were proficient by the end of the first training session. From our point of view, it is easy to change and maintain user data and call schedules. It allows you to be very flexible with individual office needs or requests. I love this system.

Triage 4 Pediatrics

On-Call Hub software has vastly improved our nurse team’s workflow and efficiency. The On-Call Hub team’s expertise, focus and ability are unmatched in our experience. Equally important, their responsiveness and customer service are far superior to other companies. On-Call Hub has increased our nurse team’s efficiency by at least 65%, probably more. The software gives us the ability to build in all of our pertinent client information, eliminating the need to store and find that info in alternate locations.

Innovative Triage Services

On-Call Hub has been a valuable asset for our business. This program has improved our efficiency a great deal. Our clients are pleased with how simple it is to pull the information needed, and our nurses are pleased with the user-friendly charting system. PQC Tech’s customer service is absolutely incredible! I cannot say enough wonderful things about them and how dedicated they are to providing amazing service. They are quick to respond and quick to resolve any issue that may arise. Selecting On-Call Hub was the easiest and best decision for us and our company. I promise you will not regret choosing them!

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